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1. General Provisions.

1.1. „Sanhaus Apartments” used in the Rental Agreement and in the Rules and Regulations means a company operating under the trade name SANHAUS A.J. Ziółek Spółka Jawna, with the registered office at ul. Helska 4/1, Sopot (post code 81-718), VAT No. 585-147-85-72; Tel. 509 476 804. The SANHAUS will come into contact with the Guest in the first place by phone, per e-mail, in special circumstances in writing at the number and address provided in the Agreement, especially at: or per telephone +48 730 300 530.
1.2. The Rules and Regulations set out the terms of booking and rent of the Apartments understood as handing over the apartment including its furniture, equipment and fittings to the Guest for a short term stay of persons, for residential purposes, especially for leisure and tourism purposes. 
1.3. Making a booking constitutes at the same time signing the Rent Agreement of the Apartment between Sanhaus Apartments and the Guest, on the terms described in the Rules and Regulations, Regulations of Stay and on the particular terms agreed in the letters and messages exchanged with the Guest.  Sanhaus Apartments may require the written confirmation of the signed Rental Agreement at the moment of handing over the Apartment.
1.4. While booking, the Guest must confirm that he has read and become aware of the above Regulations. 

2. Booking and Payment.

2.1. The Apartment can be booked in the following way:
a. Per e-mail at the following address:
b. Through the booking system available on the website
c. Per telephone,
d. Through websites such as,, etc.
Please note, that our Apartments are available at different locations in Sopot.  In order to avoid misunderstanding, please check exactly which apartment you are interested in and where it is located before booking.
2.2. In each of the variants, after the booking is complete, the Guest receives an email regarding the booking and its terms and including the details of arrival and reporting. The price must be confirmed by Sanhaus Apartments per telephone or upon the booking confirmation.  All prices offered by Sanhaus Apartments are inclusive of VAT applicable at the moment of booking.  Sanhaus Apartments can issue an invoice upon the Guest’s request. 
2.3. The booking is confirmed after the prepayment has been made.  The amount of the prepayment is specified in the email according to the offer.  The prepayment can be paid with a credit card, via online payments or per traditional bank transfer.
2.4. Any failure to make the prepayment described in Point 2.3 in the due time will result in the termination of the Rental Agreement without any further action to be undertaken by Sanhaus Apartments or by the Guest.
2.5. The Guest must pay the remaining amount of the rent on the day of his/ her arrival, by cash or by credit card, including the climate fee amounting to PLN 4.40 per person per day.  The payment of the rent can be made in PLN or in EURO at the Guest’s discretion.  If the stay is shortened, the Guest is not entitled for any refund for the unused nights, unless it has been caused by the circumstances for which Sanhaus Apartments are at fault.
2.6. The rental price includes: bedsheets, towels, WiFi, utility bills (water, gas, electricity, heating).  The rental price does not include the final cleaning charge (unless the purchased package says otherwise) and parking (unless the given apartment has its own parking place – please refer to the apartment description).
2.7. Sanhaus Apartments reserve the right to collect a returnable deposit, on the day of Guest's arrival, amounting from PLN 500 to 1500 PLN (depanding on the apartment), the Guest to be informed about it before the booking is confirmed.  The deposit can be taken either in cash or secured by the credit card.  The deposit is meant to secure any claims of Sanhaus Apartments in the case of any possible damage or violation of any particular regulation.  If there are no objections from the Administrator, the deposit is returned to the guest in full in accordance with the rules below:
a) deposit in the form of a blockade of funds on the card - removal of the blockage takes place up to 2 days after check-out, while the time in which the funds are unblocked on the account depends on the card issuer's bank and may take up to several business days.
b) deposit payable in cash - it can be only returned by bank transfer up to 2 days from check-out, to the guest's account indicated on the check-in day and whether the costs of possible bank charges are on the guest's side.
2.8. Any changes in the booking should be made per email and they will be effective after their confirmation by Sanhaus Apartments.  Sanhaus Apartments reserve the right to refuse introducing any amendments in the Agreement terms if it is impossible to do so due to objective reasons.  Should the Guest refrain from signing the Agreement due to no possibility to make amendments in the Rental Agreement, the prepayment will not be returned to the Guest. 

3. Receiving the Guests.

3.1. The Guest must inform Sanhaus Apartments per email or per telephone about their arrival time one day before their arrival at the latest.
3.2. The hotel night starts normally at 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 11.00 a.m. on the day of departure.  A later leave until 1.00 p.m. is possible in some exceptional circumstances, however, it requires a prior confirmation by Sanhaus Apartments.  For receiving the Guests between 10.00 p.m. and midnight an additional fee of PLN 80.00 will be charged.  Reception in the later hours (after midnight) is only possible subject to the prior arrangement and to additional fee of PLN 150.00.
3.3. Sanhaus Apartments reserve the right to refuse giving the keys to and accommodating any persons who are intoxicated with alcohol or any other intoxicants, behaving aggressively and, thus, directly putting any other persons and their property at hazard. 
3.4. The Apartments, in most of the cases, have no private parking places.  The Guests can leave their cars in a public parking zone in the street (paid parking – according to the parking meter rates; free at the weekends and on holidays).

4. The Rules of the Stay.

4.1. The Guest must observe the obligatory night time from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. subject to the termination of the Rental Agreement without notice and calling the Police in any problematic situations, subject to the Guest’s criminal liability and under the penalty of fines specified by law.  Please, note that both the Guests of the Apartment and the residents of the whole building are authorized to report any incidents directly to the Apartment Administrator appointed by Sanhaus Apartments.
4.2. The Apartment must only be used for the stay of people for residential purposes. It is prohibited to use it for any professional or business activities, for warehousing and storage, holding parties, organising photo shoots, etc. and excessive alcohol consumption.
4.3. In the Apartment, as well as in the whole apartment building, there is a total ban of smoking cigarettes, candles or any other open flames under the penalty of additional charge amounting to PLN 500 due to the specialist cleaning of the Apartment.
4.4. During the rental period specified in the Agreement, the Guest is required to maintain the apartment and any other facilities which he/ she is authorized to use, in an appropriate technical and health and sanitary condition and to observe the domestic order.  The Guest is also required to take care of and protect any parts of the building designed for the common use, such as lifts for people, staircases, corridors, waste dumps, any other facilities and surrounding of the building, against any damage or devastation.  The Guest will be obliged to pay an appropriate compensation for any damages or destructions, also these caused by the Guest's visitors. 
4.5. Should any damage be discovered in the Apartment or be caused during the stay in the Apartment, the Guest must immediately report them to a Sanhaus Apartments employee. Any failure to notify about the damage may result in charging the Guest with the repair costs, regardless of the cause of the said damage.
4.6. The Guest is obliged each time to lock the entrance door (correspondingly to the keys given to him) both while staying in and being out, as well as to close the windows before leaving the Apartment. There is a hotel safe in most of the Apartments where any valuable items should be left.
4.7. In the case of any loss, damage or losing the keys given to the Guest, the Guest will be charged with the lump sum fee amounting to PLN 500 for keys reconstruction.
4.8. Apart from the prohibition to sublet or to lend or otherwise make the Apartment available for use, the Guest must not transfer the Apartment to any third parties, i.e. transfer his/ her rights under the Rental Agreement to any third parties. Any persons who have not been reported for stay with the Guest at the moment of signing the Rental Agreement must leave the Apartment by 10 p.m.
4.9. During the stay the number of people staying in must not exceed the number declared upon booking, subject to the termination of the Rental Agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to reimburse any amounts for the remaining unused booking period.  
4.10. Sanhaus Apartments will not be held liable for any inconvenience experienced during the stay related to: any construction or finishing works which can be executed within the premises where the Apartment is situated, as well as in the area around it; any interruptions in utility supply (including but not limited to electricity, water, central heating) for any reasons out of control of the Landlord, any nuisance (especially by noise) from the adjacent properties. 
4.11. Pets are not allowed to stay in the apartments managed by Sanhaus Apartments.  Any failure to observe this term may cause Sanhaus Apartments to terminate the Rental Agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to reimburse any amounts for the remaining unused booking period and deposit.  
4.12. All residents of the Apartment must observe waste segregation in compliance with the instruction placed in the Apartment.  Any unsegregated waste left after returning the Apartment will cause an additional charge to be paid by the Guest amounting to PLN 100.
4.13. Once the stay is finished, the Guest is required to leave the Apartment in the condition in which it was rented to him.  Please provide for the basic cleaning of the Apartment, kitchen and bathroom (cleaning up the kitchen annex, washing the dishes, emptying the refrigerator, making the beds and placing all the towel in one place in the bathroom). Please remember to dispose the waste and take away all your personal items.  Any failure to observe this provision will cause an additional charge for cleaning amounting to PLN 100. 
4.14. The Guest will return the Apartment, remove all their personal items from it and return the keys to the Apartment by 11 a.m. on the date of their departure. In some exceptional circumstances there is a possibility of later leave by 1 p.m. subject to Sanhaus Apartments’ prior approval.  The time of leaving and returning the keys should be agreed with Sanhaus Apartments minimum one day before the end of the stay.  Any items belonging to the Guest or any other persons left behind in the Apartment after this date will not be deemed as items accepted by Sanhaus Apartments for storage.  In the case of any premature termination of the Rental Agreement, the Guest must leave the Apartment according to the above rules within 3 hours from the time he/ she was notified about such termination. 
4.15. In the case of leaving the Apartment without any information given to Sanhaus Apartments and leaving the keys in a place other than agreed, the Guest will be charged with an additional fee amounting to PLN 500, and in the case when Sanhaus Apartments lose the opportunity to rent the said Apartment for a certain period of time for the above reason, the Guest will be liable to pay an appropriate compensation.
4.16. Any failure to return the Apartment in the due time will cause charging the Guest with an additional fee for non-agreed use of the Apartment, in the amount of 200% of the daily rent specified in the Rental Agreement, for each commenced 24h of stay.
4.17. All the additional costs and due payments, not settled at the time of signing the Agreement and not settled from the preauthorized amount on the credit card or deposit must be paid by the Guest at the moment of handing over the Apartment, and should they become known after the handover, within the following 7 days.  The additional charges are also due in the case of any premature termination of the Rental Agreement. 

5. Final provisions

5.1. Both the Landlord and the Administrator of the Apartment agree to make any possible efforts to perform their services in a conscientious and reliable manner.
5.2. In some unpredictable circumstances, which cannot be immediately remedied by normal measures, Sanhaus Apartments are entitled to propose their Guest a replacement property of a nature comparable to the one originally booked.  In the case of any force majeure incidents, also by the incidents when the Client’s personal and his/ her property safety cannot be guaranteed for the reasons being out of control of Sanhaus Apartments or in the case when a remedial action is not possible like in the previous sentence, the obligations of Sanhaus Apartments expire and the costs paid by the Guest will be reimbursed. 
5.3. The personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC ( general regulation on data protection) (Journal of Laws of the European Union L. of 2016, No. 119, page 1).
5.4. In connection with the procedure of registration and purchase of hotel services provided by Sanhaus Apartments, by filling in the forms available on our website, you voluntarily disclose your personal details regarding your name, address, email, telephone number, credit card number and you give your consent for the processing thereof according to the Law.  We guarantee that your personal details will only be processed by the data administrator for the purposes of providing the said services, surveying your satisfaction, presenting new offers and promotions, and that they will not be made available, sold or leased to any other entities.  Any gathered personal details are stored and processed subject to the required security measures in compliance with Polish law.  We have introduced appropriate protection procedures limiting the access and possibility of using your personal details by any unauthorized parties.
5.5. The Guest has the right of full access to, correcting and obtaining at any time any information regarding the processing of his/ her personal details as well as deleting them from our data bases by contacting us directly at
5.6. The execution of rights and obligations under this Agreement will be governed by Polish law.  Any disputes relating thereto will be resolved by the court applicable for the location of the Apartment.

We wish you a nice stay in Sopot!

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