Monte Cassino Street

The Monte Cassino Street is certainly the most famous promenade in Poland. The so-called "Monciak", stretches from Independence Avenue up to the entrance to the Sopot Pier, and is the real heart of the resort. It is completely excluded from traffic. During the summer holidays promenade is full of tourists, wandering up and down this famous street. It is here that is located most of the major attractions such as the famous Crooked House, the historic church of St. George, the Lighthouse with its vantage point, the State Art Gallery, Municipal Theatre and multiplex cinema. Along the entire length of the promenade are located dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Nightlife of Sopot is well-known throughout the country and attracts crowds of adventurous tourists.
Although most visitors visit "Monciak" in summer, we recommend to come here in the spring, when the promenade is not so crowded yet and you can relax in the sun, with a cup of good coffee, in one of the many cafés in Sopot. Only then you can feel the real atmosphere of this place.

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